ChildrenChoice Publication brings to children the joy of studying through beautiful imagery and content that imprints on students’ minds forever. With this huge responsibility at the top of our priority, we have been making waves in the publishing industry since our inception in 1996. Our publishing titles encompass almost every subject- English, Hindi, Urdu, Moral Science, Computer, Science, Social Science, Grammar, EVS, General Knowledge, Vyakran and a range of other subjects.

We lay strong emphasis on the preservation of natural resources and strongly condemn ecological disturbances that businesses have caused. In our bid to stay responsible and ingrain the same sense of responsibility within children, we have evolved to develop eco-friendly, chlorine-free papers, which, we believe, will go a long way in protecting our Earth and building a strong foundation for the coming generations- those our future depends upon. Every paper in our children’s books is made of technology that minimizes the release of toxins flushed into our waterways, besides reducing the amount of water required in bleaching papers.

Being one of the top publications in Meerut we have tried our best to inculcate values into our children readers by offering quality ourselves at the first place. Our study material has always been high on quality and our clients highly approve of us. It’s not for nothing that we already have a list of esteemed clients recommending our books in schools. With study material prepared by the most sought-after experts and illustrations by leading artists, there is no scope that we have left for our students and schools to be dissatisfied. Given the joy of holding the perfect children’s study books in hands, Children Choice Publication remains among the most demanded and top publication for children’s books in Meerut.

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