Drastic Development with Gleaming Growth

Educational growth and development is an integral part of children’s life. We work hard day and night with full enthusiasm, so that we could help the children in their overall mental development process. We publish a large variety of interactive and creative books under various series for the children who are in their early stage of learning to guide them better as in the early stage the idea of children are vague and unclear, with time gradually, these refined. These books help the children to use their senses and develop the capacity to think and understand. In our books, we ensure that the children should be given special attention and involve them in learning-based activities to develop their overall mental health.

Why Us? Here’s the Answer

We publish the children books that nurture the curiosity within the young learners to learn, the courage to lead and the compassion to care. We believe in “Digitization of Education”, as e-education is playing a key role in children’s development nowadays. We conduct researches in the market, find out more about the demand and taste of the children as well as customers and ensure that the quality of learning content in our books should be at its best.
We are working with all efforts for the young learners to make them leaders of tomorrow. We aim to get close to student, parent and customer requirements and set our books and notebooks apart from the myriad of me-too books and notebooks available. Although, we use the best quality materials keeping in view the maximum children and customer satisfaction but still the suggestions on our books and notebooks will be highly acknowledged and implemented for further improvement.

Our Vision is What Keeps us Moving

A positive and powerful vision is all we need to achieve something revolutionary. Our vision is to enable the children to live a fulfilled life in tomorrow’s modern and rapidly changing global society. We truly believe in offering the highest quality co-education at an international level. We have a mission statement to achieve ‘Innovative and Creative Learning’ for each and every student. It is our passionate belief that we value every single child and celebrate them for their uniqueness. As a publisher, we are grateful to our eminent and established authors, editors, designers and other associates to provide quality learning content in our books. We believe that our books should provide education that develops the children into active and responsible citizens who make a positive and valuable contribution to the wider community.

Simplifying Education is our Mission

Children Choice is one of the leading publishers and distributors of children books which are highly educational, creative and innovative. For over we have introduced young learners to the pleasure of reading, and enlarged their understanding in many parts of India. We have a mission of publishing award-winning children books and outstanding classroom materials, along with related educational software. The company serves children, parents and teachers through a variety of e-learning tools through which the book you are carrying inside your bag can be viewed directly on your personal computer, tablet and smartphone, which is made possible by several Internet based applications. We developed our e-education that promotes digitization to make the learning fun and easy for the students. Our authors, editors, book designers and their work are at the centre of everything we do. We are proud to provide our authors with unprecedented editorial excellence, marketing reach, long-standing connections with booksellers, and industry-leading insight into reader and consumer behaviour.

Developing Children is Our Core Belief

Development of children from young learners to responsible citizens is a long-term process. Education plays an important role in moulding and developing the children according to their knowledge and skills. Each child is uniquely capable and deserves an engaging, relevant and challenging educational experience. At Children Choice we ensure that children should achieve their full potential and develop intellectual competence. We aim to develop life-long learning interest within children, nurturing their collaborative and leadership skills, improving their understanding and making them to become a reflective decision-maker. We are trying our best to prepare popular series of books which will be widely accepted and appreciated. It is hoped that readers would guide and encourage us for further improvement and their valuable feedbacks and suggestions are welcome.

Nurturing Mind with Care

Children need opportunities to engage in higher order thinking skills and reflection about learning. The core-shared values are the foundation of all learning and teaching. Learning takes place best when student-teacher relations are based on mutual trust, care and respect. We are working on several learning projects and activities that ensure the smooth coordination between student, teacher and parents. This coordination aims at the holistic development of child’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical needs in order to build a social and broad foundation of lifelong learning and wellbeing. Today’s education system is the systematic learning platform in which children learn critical social and emotional skills and a partnership is formed between the child, their parents and the teacher. When this is done effectively, it lays the groundwork for it to continue throughout the child’s education.