Children Choice Publication Pvt. Ltd. is one of the renowned children’s book publishers in India. Mr. Arun Kumar Agarwal opened the doors of his Publishing House in 1996 and shortly thereafter began to release “innovative and creative” books for young readers. Apart from children books, Guider Competitive Books and Guider Notebooks (ventures of Children Choice Publication Pvt. Ltd.) are also setting milestones in the field of competition books and notebooks.

Company’s commercial activity includes the publishing of its own books in the English language as well as in Hindi and Urdu. Founded in 1996, Children Choice began publishing in July 1996 with twenty titles. Today, the company publishes more than 200 new titles every year and has an active backlist of over 5000 titles.

Children Choice publishes its children’s titles under different names which are marked by dazzling illustrations by leading artists in the country, and production quality that meets the highest international standards.

We Are Eco-friendly

As we all know, many people have used trees for so many years as a major source of paper production. One of the solutions presented by many experts to help minimize the destruction of forests all over the world is by finding an alternative eco-friendly paper. It is totally Chlorine-Free which protects our environment. It reduces the toxins released into our waterways and the amount of water required to bleach the paper.

Currently, we are using Chlorine-Free paper in order to protect the environment. Working closely with our whole publication unit we believe that Children Choice Publication Pvt. Ltd. will rise above the challenges, and we will continue to be an industry leader in environment-friendly publishing.