It is rightly said that “Books are the best friend of human beings.” Our history is a witness to the fact that books helped a lot in gathering information. They revealed a large number of facts that have pulled out numerous myths from their roots. Books are that ray of bright light that have defended us from the darkness of illiteracy.

Human beings are great learners from ancient times. Discovery of fire, invention of wheel and invention of electricity are some of the most important inventions that changed our lives. And we all have come to know about these inventions from literary sources of history i.e. the information present in written form whether on paper or engraving on stones. Therefore, we can say that these engravings and writings are the “books of ancient time.” From childhood till the time we grow old, we keep on learning new things from various types of books. As food is important for us to sustain a healthy life, books are important to sustain a healthy mind. As preferences vary from person to person, choice of books also vary from person to person. The young children prefer a colourful book with attractive illustrations and adults prefer a book that contains valuable knowledge related to the surroundings in which they are living. Some may prefer novel reading, some may prefer fiction reading, some may prefer reading history books and some may prefer reading literature books. But at the end of the day, the ultimate goal of every book is “nourishment of mind.”

Paper is one of the most important inventions that took place in the past time. It provided us the opportunity to deliver knowledge and express our views by writing. Can you imagine a book, a newspaper or a notebook without paper? No! Of course not. From the past time till today, paper has gone through numerous changes that made it suitable for use. In the field of education, paper is important as bones are important for the human body. All the study material like books and notebooks comes in printed form and paper is that material which makes it possible to read and write on that printed material.

Several decades passed, from days to years and from years to centuries, the wheel of using paper kept on moving with its pace. In nineteenth century, invention of computer knocked at the door of human life. It brought innovation and improved the ways and means of communication, printing, designing, etc. Later, introduction of the Internet and mobile phones proved to be a boon and improved the information technology. Presently, the book which you are carrying inside your bag can be viewed directly on your personal computer, tablet and smartphone, which is made possible by several Internet based applications. We at Children Choice Publication, worked hard day and night with full enthusiasm and developed our  e-education system that provide various e-learning tools like e-books, video lectures, worksheets, etc. to make the learning fun and easy for the students. We call this marching towards e-way of learning as the “transformation of education from paper to devices.”